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Just outside the city centre in the south of Burgos on a small hill lies the

Carthusian monastery of Santa Maria de Miraflores.

Kloster Miraflores

King John II of Castile and Leon is named as the founder. But actually his daughter Isabella the Catholic had the monastery built in 1442.

Detail of the picture above: The church door


Eingang zur Kirche Miraflores

Convent courtyard:

There is a pieta in the tympanum of the entrance to the church. Above it are the coats of arms of Castile and Leon (left) and of the founder, King John II. (right).

flämisches Triptychon

In the entrance area a 15th century Flemish triptych stands out. It depicts the Passion, Crucifixion and Lamentation. The painting is from the school of Roger van der Weyden. The artist is unknown.

Felix Coeli Porta

The entrance to the choir of the lay brothers. Above the gate, which is crowned with a statue of the Virgin Mary, are the words FELIX COELI PORTA (happy heavenly portal).


In the choir is the large Gothic reredos (1496 - 1499) with surprisingly many details.


Where is 12th Apostle? John is apparently missing, but his head is lying on the table in front of Jesus in a somewhat strange way. He has leaned towards him. Mary Magdalene washes Jesus' feet. In the plate in the middle is a small pig.

Grab von König Johann II. und Isabella von Portugal

In front of the altarpiece is the tomb of King John II and Isabella of Portugal, the parents of Isabel the Catholic. It has the shape of an octagonal star.


Detail from the Gothic retable: The apostle James.

Grab von Alfons, Bruder der Isabella der Katholischen

Alfons, the brother of Isabel the Catholic, also found his final resting place here.

The stained glass windows were brought here from Flanders in 1484 and are very well preserved. They show scenes from the Passion and Resurrection of Christ.

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The entombment of Christ
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Resurrection of Christ

Photos: Gerhard Eichinger


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