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Santo Domingo de la Calzada, with a population of around 6000, is one of the most remarkable towns on the Pilgrim's Way to Santiago, especially because of the chicken coop in the cathedral. The town is named after St. Domingo Garcías, who in the middle of the 11th century worked for the well-being of pilgrims by improving the roads and building a hospice.

The Gothic cathedral was built over a previous Romanesque building and was consecrated in 1106. In the 12th century the cathedral was enlarged to include the tomb of Domingo García. The tomb has a Romanesque alabaster figure under a late Gothic construction, the sides are decorated with miraculous scenes from the life and work of Domingo García. The chicken miracle (hanged man unhanged legend) also attributed to him is honored with a late Gothic chicken cage, which is inhabited by a (periodically changing) chicken couple. The high altar in the Spanish Renaissance style was built into the Romanesque choir around 1540 and was later moved to the side to make the choir visible in its original state. The prominent tower dates from the 18th century and looks very similar to the Cathedral of Santa María la Redonda in Logroño, since it was built by the same constructor (Martín de Beratúa).

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