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The Grampians National Park was named in 1836 by Sir Thomas Mitchell. The mountains reminded him of the Grampian Mountains in Scotland. In the Aboriginal language the area is called Gariwerd.

The Grampians are located in a very sparsely populated area in the interior of Victoria. The mountain range of red sandstone and quartzite rises up to 3829 feet. Over millions of years, wind and weather have formed sandstone sculptures, over which waterfalls thunderously plunge into the depths. For us hurried visitors there were only a few short hikes to the lookouts.

  • Lake Bellfield
  • Kangaroos
  • Reeds lookout
  • Reeds lookout
  • Reeds lookout
  • Balconies
  • McKenzie Falls
  • Broken Falls

At the exit from Grampians Park towards Wartook we saw many kangaroos.

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  • IMG_7039
  • IMG_7040
  • IMG_7044
  • IMG_7045
  • IMG_7047
  • IMG_7048