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Appenzell Way Landeck - Einsiedeln

The Appenzellerweg (Appenzell Way), the connection of the Way of St. James from Austria to Switzerland was ceremoniously inaugurated on May 1, 2008. The path leads from Rankweil via Appenzell to St. Peterzell, where it meets up with the Rorschach-Einsiedeln Way of St. James.

On May 2, 2008, I hiked with my Swiss pilgrim colleagues Marianne and Otto from Rankweil to Neuhaus. The continuation on the southern branch via Schmerikon - Tuggen - Siebnen to Galgenen took place in 2014, the one from Galgenen (Lachen) via the Etzel to Einsiedeln in August 2015.

Travel documentation


The homepage of the municipality Rankweil in Vorarlberg offers a brochure: Jakobsweg Innsbruck - Einsiedeln with route descriptions and hiking maps for download.

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