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The Way of St. James in Upper Austria marked in blue on the map below corresponds to the route in Peter Lindenthal's book.

Between Enns - Asten - St. Florian - Ansfelden there is a variant marked in green here, which corresponds to the historic Way of St. James. In Lorch we find the oldest evidence of Christianity in Austria, Asten with its St. James Church was an important gathering place for pilgrims on the Way of St. James, in St. Florian is buried the blessed Wilbirg, who worked here as a recluse after her pilgrimage to St. James in 1246, and in Ansfelden stands the birthplace of Anton Bruckner.

The main towns along the southern route are Enns, Asten, St. Florian and Ansfelden. Between St. Florian and Ansfelden, the St. James' Way is on the Symphony Hiking Trail. The two branches of the path meet again at the Traun and the route leads via Wels, Lambach, Schwanenstadt, Vöcklabruck, Timelkam, Vöcklamarkt, Frankenmarkt, Oberhofen to the Hager Chapel.

The northern route (blue) from St. Pantaleon to Wels (main square) is 70.4 km long.

The southern route (green) from St. Pantaleon to Wels (main square) is 48.8 km long.

The routes (both branches) are marked and were ceremonially opened on 25 June 2009.

Enns Enns-Ansfelden1 Linz Wilhering St.Florian Enns-Ansfelden2 Traun Wels Gunskirchen Stift Lambach Vöcklabruck Kremsmuenster Steyr Bad Hall Vorchdorf Schörfling Ried im Innkries Hörsching Steyregg StGeorgen-Gusen Map: Way of St. James in Upper Austria


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We went the way (south variant) in 2011 and met many friendly and cordial people. We also enjoyed the Upper Austrian dialect.

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St. Pantaleon

St Pantaleon


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The most important monasteries on both routes:

St Florian

St. Florian


St. Wilhering


St. Lambach

Maps to the sections of the southern route can be found at the stage descriptions.