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On foot along the pilgrimage route through Switzerland

Signpost at Fischingen Monastery

Signpost at Fischingen Monastery

Aufstieg nach Au

Right after the monastery the ascent to Au begins.

Kirche St. Anna und Idda

The small church of "St. Anna and Idda" is mentioned as early as the 13th century. Idda is said to have asked for the construction of her first hermitage next to the church.


IIn Au a "pilgrim cheese" is produced in a small cheese dairy on the pilgrim trail.

Treppen nach Allenwinden

From now on it is steeply uphill over many stairs to Allenwinden.

Gasthof Kreutz in Allenwinden

From the former pilgrim hostel 'zum Kreutz' in Allenwinden you already have a beautiful view.

Ascent to the Hörnli

The path leads ever higher and the field of vision widens.


At the Dreiländerstein (three countries stone) SG (Sankt Gallen), TG (Thurgau) and Zurich, the signposting for the pilgrims' path changes. From Constance to here it is signposted as the Schwabenweg, from now on as the Jakobsweg (via Jacobi Route 4).

Gerhard at the Hörnli

On the Hörnli, 1133 metres (3717 feet) above sea level.

view from Hörnli

View from the Hörnli

Berggasthaus Hörnli

Mountain inn Hörnli

Ortschaft Steg

Descent from Hörnli to Steg

Gasthaus Steg

The Gasthaus (inn) Steg is also a former pilgrims' hostel.

View from Fischenthal back to the Hörli

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