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Greek mythology Titian's Danae Danae Depictions
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Danaë, Hermitage, Titian 1546

Titian painted this motive in several versions.

Zeus comes down on Danae as a shower of gold. Titian says there was a servant who tried to catch some of the gold.

Danae looks a little confused at the cloud.

This Danaë from the year 1546 hangs in our heating­cellar and a copy in the Hermitage in St. Petersburg (or vice versa?)

Danaë, Titian 1554, Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien

Kunsthistorisches Musem Wien (Museum of Art History Vienna). Here the servant tries to get some of the golden rain with a bowl instead of her apron. Danae looks expectantly at the "cloud of Zeus" with an astonished smile.
Titian painted this DanaŽ in 1554. The original measures 135 x 152 cm.

Danae,Tizian 1545, Neapel

At some point, Titian finally came to the realization that no spectators are desired at the event he is depicting here - not even a servant, at most an allegorical figure - Cupid?

DanaŽ looks at the cloud with expectant patience.

DanaŽ, Naples, Titian 1545

Danaë, Tizian 1553, Prado in Madrid

Probably the market at that time demanded it. In 1553 Titian painted his Danae again with a servant and a little dog.

The painting is in the Prado in Madrid.

If you are interested in what is happening in this picture, you can read about the historical (mythological) connections under the menu items (see navigation bar at the top left) "Greek mythology" or see some Danae depictions of other artists. I have tried to dust off Gustav Schwab's sagas of classical antiquity from the years 1838-1840. There is still enough pathos left. Have fun!