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Danube cycling
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By bike you can cycle along the Steiner Landstrasse past many old houses and even the Stein prison. On the other side of the Danube you see the monastery



At the town hall square in Stein stands a column of John Nepomuk.

So Egon Schiele saw Stein with the town hall square from the other bank of the Danube:


Through the Steiner Tor you enter the old town of Krems. The gate is the landmark of Krems and the only one of the four former city gates that has been preserved. The main tower from the late 15th century bears a series of inscriptions on the outside, including the motto AEIOU (All the earth is subject to Austria) in memory of Frederick III. Three coats of arms dating from 1756 adorn the entrance to the city, on the left that one awarded by Emperor Frederick III and still valid today, which shows the crowned double eagle on a black background, on the right the coat of arms of Ladislaus Posthumus, and in the centre the coat of arms of Maria Theresa.

obere Landstrasse, Einkaufstrasse und Fussgängerzone

The pedestrian zone begins behind the gate. From here on: push the bicycle.

Krems, first mentioned in a document in 995, became a town in 1130, was given a mint and was extended and fortified several times. Remains of this, such as the essentially Gothic Steinertor gate, have been preserved. The Gozzoburg castle built around 1257 on the high market square is another 13th century building, as is the Dominican monastery founded in 1236 on the

with an early Gothic cloister and a church completed between 1263 and 1265. It now houses the city museum. Other late medieval buildings include the Piarist Church and the Bürgerspital.

City arms of Krems

Obere Landstrasse, pedestrian zone Babsi in front of the gothic church in the Bürgerspital


Trinity Column

On top of the Trinity Column is the 'Holy Trinity', the centre of which is a Maria Immaculata. On the pedestal are the figures of saints: St. Vitus (patron saint of the city), St. John Nepomuk (patron against water hazards) and St. Charles Borromeo (patron saint against plague).

The monument was renovated in 2007/2008. The St. Nepomuk from Stein and the one from

were included in my

Our first Danube bicycle tour went from Krems to

the capital of Lower Austria, the other bike tours went on to Vienna.

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