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Danube Cycling
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L: On the left side of the Danube
R: On the right side of the Danube

Sat, 26 May

08:00 14:30 Aesch Bregenz Passau
with the car and the bikes on the roof

Gerhard, Stefan und Babsi mit Velo beim Start in Passau

The three cyclists Stefan, Gerhard and Babsi. Vreni, who is taking the photo, drives the support vehicle.

Sightseeing Passau
17:00 18:30 Passau Engelhartszell

L: Passau - Erlau - Oberzell - Jochstein dam. The crossing over the dam is open until 22:00.
R: Jochstein - Engelhartszell

Unsere Herberge, die Hufschmiede von Engelhartszell So sieht es in der Schmiede aus - ein kleines Museum

Engelhartszell: Pension Hufschmiede ( 0043 7714 8059

Sun, 27 May

Engelhartszell Wilhering

Likör aus Engelhartszell

We visited Engelszell Abbey Church and bought a bottle of the famous herbal liqueur.

We took the cycle ferry in Engelhartszell back to the left bank of the Danube. The red poppy fields we cycled past are unforgettable.

L: Cycle ferry Au (Schlögener Schlinge) to Inzell on the right bank
Meeting Vreni shortly after Inzell; she cycled towards us from the Kaiserhof.

zwischen Schlögener Schlinge und Aschach

R: Gasthof Kaiserhof (near ferry Untermühl - Schloss Neuhaus) - lunch


R: Aschach - break
R: Visit to Wilhering Abbey and its rococo church with a thousand angels

Car transport to Leonding to Wolfi (Vreni's cousin)

Wolfgang, Gerhard, Babsi, Vreni in Leonding

In the evening, we stopped off at a traditional cider tavern near Leonding.

Mon, 28 Mayi

Linz Grein

Car transport Leonding - Linz main square, short bike tour of the city, then across the Danube to the cycle path.

L: Abwinden - St. Georgen - Wienergraben, turn-off to the Mauthausen concentration camp. Sightseeing tour

I can't recommend visiting the concentration camp, my positive mood from the Danube cycle path was gone.

L: Albern power station Wallersee-Mitterkirchen

Grein: Pension Faltinger, Kaiser Friedrich Str. 1; ( 0043 7268 374

60 km

Tue, 29 May

Grein Kl. Pöchlarn

L: Return 2 km to the bridge then R:
R: Hössgang - Werfenstein Castle - Freyenstein Ruins

Stefan in front of the castle Werfenstein

R: Ybbs Persenbeug, tour of Ybbs, return to the bridge:

On the left bank of the Danube: with a tailwind we reach top speeds of 38 km/h

A brisk ride along the Danube cycle path to Persenbeug

L: at Marbach we turned off for a detour to Maria Taferl (on the steep climb, however, we transported the bikes by car).

14:00 Arrival in Kl. Pöchlarn

Kl. Pöchlarn: R. Kammerer, Linzerstrasse 8 ( 0043 7413 8297 extremely hospitable!

Visit Melk Abbey

Melk Abbey

Wed, 30 May

Kl. Pöchlarn - Melk Krems

L: Klein Pöchlarn - Melk

L: Melk Willendorf, Schwallenbach (charming) Spitz (sightseeing, lunch)

Stefan und Babsi in der Wachau

L: Weissenkirchen, Dürnstein (snack on the terrace of the Restaurant Richard Löwenherz), Krems
Tour of Krems

Journey from Krems to St. Pölten

Thu, 31 May

Sightseeing / Shopping St. Pölten

Fri, 1 June

Holidays in St. Pölten

Sat, 2 June

St. Pölten

big garden party and a visit to a wine tavern with friends. At the end of the evening, we were treated to a huge firework display

Sun, 3 June, Whit Sunday

12.00 20:00 St. Pölten - Zürich - Aesch
(with bikes on the roof it's not so fast)


(Donaueschingen - Vienna)

(Passau - Vienna) 

Start in Passau cyclist symbol