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legendary foundation of the Wartburg by Count Ludwig the Springer


first mention of the castle in the Book of Saxon Wars


Wartburg Castle is the center of courtly-knightly culture


St. Elizabeth lived as a landgravine in the castle


Martin Luther's stay and translation of the Bible


Johann Wolfgang Goethe's first stay at Wartburg Castle


Wartburg festival of the German fraternities


comprehensive restoration of the castle complex and development into a monument


Pictures of the Wartburg and the attached museum

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Castle courtyard and battlements

Mosaic by Moritz von Schwind 19th c.

Omnipresent on the walls are the stories and legends of St. Elizabeth of Thuringia, who lived here at Wartburg Castle.

After her death, she was buried in the hospital church she built in Marburg. During the Reformation her tomb was abandoned. The head and leg relics came to Vienna in the 16th century at the instigation of the "Grand Master of the Teutonic Order in Germany and Welschland", Archduke Maximilian of Austria. They were a (macabre) gift for his sister Elisabeth of Austria.

Archduke Maximilian and Elisabeth are descendants of Maximilian II. (b. July 31, 1527 in Vienna; October 12, 1576 in Regensburg), Holy Roman Emperor from 1564 to 1576.

Reliquie der Elisabeth von Thüringen

Since the 18th century, the Viennese Elisabethines have guarded the precious head reliquary and two leg relics of St. Elisabeth of Thuringia in their convent on Landstrasse in the third district.

Festival Hall in the Wartburg

The Festival Hall extends over the entire length and width of the palace and is a prime example of historicist art. The Bavarian King Ludwig II had this hall recreated at Neuschwanstein Castle. The acoustics make it one of the most popular concert halls in Germany.

The museum in the Wartburg offers some delicacies!

gothic Madonna

gothic Madonna

Lucas Cranach: Madonna mit der Weintraube

Madonna with the grape, Lucas Cranach
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Luther room in the Wartburg

The Luther Room. This is where Martin Luther translated the Bible into German.

Luther's picture on the wall is by his friend Lucas Cranach..

M.Luther from L.Cranach
Thüringer Wald

View from Wartburg Castle to the hills of the Thuringian Forest. The Way of St. James, the Via Regia, passes through here.

The hilly forest paths are conceivably unsuitable for touring bikes. On the bike pilgrimage from Leipzig to Constance, we decide to take a detour along the Werra River to Vacha.

Way of St. James Erfurt - Eisenach

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