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Lausanne on Lake Geneva is the capital of the canton of Vaud. The Olympic Committee has its headquarters here.

Kathedrale of Lausanne

The old town is dominated by the cathedral, considered the most impressive early Gothic building in Switzerland.

Since the 6th century, Lausanne was a bishop's city. From the late 12th century, the bishop and the city built a new church based on the modern Gothic architecture of the Île de France. In 1275, Notre-Dame Cathedral was consecrated in the presence of Pope Gregory X and King Rudolf of Habsburg.

West portal Kathedrale Lausanne

The west portal dates from 1515-1532. Its rich figural decoration had to be completely renewed in the 20th century.

Kathedrale Lausanne Interior view

Lausanne Cathedral follows the typical pattern of a Gothic basilica: the two-towered west front (only one tower was built) is adjoined by the three-nave nave, which crosses the transept in the square crossing.

Kathedrale Lausanne Chor

The eastern end is formed by the choir and the gallery.

rose window

The rose window in the southern transept dates from the early 13th century. Its pictorial programme comprises the entire representation of the then known world: earth and sea, air and fire, seasons, months and signs of the zodiac, as well as monsters lurking at the edge of the world.

tomb of Graf Otto I. von Grandson

In the choir gallery is the tomb of Count Otto I of Grandson from the 14th century. He was a patron of Lausanne Cathedral and crusader ("Jerusalem pilgrim").

Portail peint

The "Portail peint" was added to the southern outer wall of the nave in 1225 - 1235. It is famous for its figure decoration. In the middle between the gates stands Maria.

Portail peint, Detail

Detail left (Old Testament): John the Baptist and Simeon with Jesus caressing Simeon's beard.

According to Jewish tradition, in memory of the Passover night, the first-born son was considered the property of God and was handed over ("represented") to the Temple, where he was to be redeemed by a monetary sacrifice or animal sacrifice. The Gospel of Luke reports that the boy Jesus was brought to the temple by Mary and Joseph in accordance with this law and the prescribed sacrifice was offered. There, Simeon and Hannah recognise him as Saviour. Simeon was a priest or high priest and successor of Zacharias.

Simeon pronounces prophetic words and begins his song of praise and death "Now, Lord, you divorce your servant in peace, as you have said ...".

Escalier du marché

From the cathedral, the Pilgrim's Way to Santiago leads down to the city via the Escalier du marché.

Place de la Palude, Lausanne

On Place de la Palude in front of the town hall

Notre-Dame du Valentin

We visit the Catholic Church nearby.

The Notre-Dame du Valentin church is the first Catholic church built in Lausanne after the Reformation. It was built in 1832 in the classicist style and declared a basilica by Pope John-Paul II in 1992.

In 1832, the architect Henri Perregaux oversaw the construction of a new building.

The Gothic statue of the Virgin Mary still enjoys great veneration today.


The path leads out of the city past the Franciscan church (Place St-François). Here a view back to the cathedral.

Palace of Justice

At the Palace of Justice ...

lake Geneva

.... we enjoy the view of Lake Geneva.

Via Aubonne to Geneva

Variant: By bicycle to Geneva

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