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Valletta is the small capital of the island state of Malta in the Mediterranean. The fortified city was founded on a peninsula in the 16th century by the Roman Catholic Order of St John. It is known for its museums, palaces and magnificent churches.

You can travel on Malta by bus. The best way is with the Explore Malta Card. In Valletta, you arrive at the bus station in front of the old town. There is the Triton Fountain, which is located on Triton Fountain Square not far from the City Gate.


This is where Republic Street (Maltese: Triq ir-Repubblika), Valletta's main street, begins. It is around 1 kilometre long and is largely a pedestrian zone.

Republic Street stretches from the city gate to the granaries of Fort St. Elmo. Due to the layout of Valletta, the main street runs at right angles to several other streets. It passes several important buildings and squares, such as the City Gate, Liberty Square, the Parliament of Malta, Palazzo Ferreria, the Royal Opera House, the Archaeological Museum, St John's Square, the Court Buildings, the Casino Maltese, Republic Square, the Grand Master's Palace, St George's Square, Spinola Palace, the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, Casa Rocca Piccola and others.

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St. John's Co-Cathedral

St John's Co-Cathedral is the cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Malta in Valletta. It is called the Co-Cathedral because it is the second seat of the Archbishop of Malta alongside St Paul's Cathedral in Mdina.

St. John's Co-Cathedral

It was built between 1572 and 1577 by the Knights of Malta on behalf of Grand Master Jean de la Cassière as the monastery church of St John.
It is a prime example of Baroque architecture and a must-see for every visitor to Malta!
Numerous works of art of great value enrich the co-cathedral, including paintings by the great Caravaggio and works of art donated by former Grand Masters and Knights of the Order of St John.
The building itself was designed by the famous Maltese architect Girolamo Cassar, who is also said to have designed the Grand Master's Palace and the original design for the Order's hospital, La Sacra Infermeria.
In the 17th century, the cathedral was decorated in the Baroque style by Mattia Preti and other skilled artists. Over the centuries, the cathedral has become a true jewel thanks to numerous donations and bequests from the various knights.

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Valletta at night

On 31 December, we were out and about for our New Year's Eve dinner. Valletta shines in the most beautiful Christmas lights.

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At midnight there was a magnificent fireworks display. Here is the view from the Upper Barraka Garden.


Upper Barraka Garden

From there you have a beautiful view of the Grand Harbour, Vittoriosa and Senglea.

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Impressions of Valletta

The foundation stone of the city was laid on 28 March 1566 by the Grand Master of the Order, Jean de la Valette (first picture). The plans for the geometric layout of the fortress walls and the rectangular network of streets were drawn up by the Italian architect and master fortress builder Francesco Laparelli.

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Harbour tour

The impressive harbour tours start in Sliema (Ferries bus stop). You should not miss this.

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