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Gertrud von Supplinburg
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All these personalities played a role in Gertrud's life

Father of Gertrud

"She was my only, beloved daughter."

"When she was ten years old I promised her to the son of the Bavarian Duke Henry the Black, to secure his vote for my election as emperor."

Mother of Gertrud

"Gertrud has bravely fought for her rights."

Husband of Gertrud, from the House of Guelph, son-in-law of Lothar III

"In good and especially in bad days she was by my side."

Famous son of Henry the Proud and Gertrud

"When I was a child, she ruled for me. I did not always agree with the decisions she made in my place."

counterpart from the House of the Staufer, curtails the power of Henry the the Proud

"A powerful woman, her mind was greater than her pride."

Duke of Bavaria

"An exceptionally beautiful woman, I had far too little time for her."

See also: Henry Jasomirgott

The strong woman in the background, daughter of Emperor Heinrich IV and in second marriage wife of the Babenberg Margrave Leopold III, mother of Conrad III and Henry Jasomirgott. The two were stepbrothers - which explains many things.

"She was a wise woman."

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intervenes in Henry Jasomirgott's and Henry the Lion's fate (this was the birth of an independent duchy of Austria), was unfortunately a non-swimmer.

"Gertrud's tragic death changed the destiny of Europe and forced me to act."

Gertrud von Supplinburg

In search of Gertrud:

Test your knowledge of history or just guess and find the burial place of Gertrud. Somewhere in Europe the daughter of a king and Saxony Duchess is buried - but where!