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Peterhof Palace was the summer residence of Tsar Peter the Great. It is located about 30 km outside Petersburg on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland. Originally, there was a small country house here where Peter the Great stopped for a rest on his way to or from the fortress of Kronstadt.


In the park of Peterhof there are wonderful fountains. Here, directly in front of the palace, the large golden cascade.

The Great Cascade, Panorama

The "big fountain" in a panoramic view. Click on the picture (enlarge browser window if necessary!)

large fountain

The water system stretches all the way to the sea


Entrance to Peterhof Palace


View into the ballroom. During our visit in 2000, we were able to admire the interior. In 2012, we contented ourselves with an outside visit. The queues of tourists passing through Peterhof are too huge.



roman fountqains

The two Roman fountains

Palace Monplaisir

The small Palais Monplaisir, situated by the sea, was built in the Dutch style according to Tsar Peter's wishes in 1723.

Adam Fontaine

The Adam Fontaine, parallel to which there is also an Eva Fontaine.