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Danube cycling
Danube cycling overview
Donaueschingen - Passau
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junge Donau

This is what the Danube looks like shortly after the confluence of the Brigach and Breg rivers.

Danube bridge

This is the first bridge over the Danube that I cross.

Entenburg, Pfohren

5.5 km after Donaueschingen in Pfohren, the Danube cycle path leads past the Entenburg, a hunting lodge from the 15th century.

castle Immendingen

A good 20 km further on in Immendingen is this magnificent "Upper Castle" from the 12th century.

A reconstruction in the 15th/16th century gave the castle its present appearance. For centuries, the castle was the seat of many local lords, the most famous were the barons of Schreckenstein (1672 - 1807).

Today the town hall is located here.

Danube seapage point
board: Versickerungsstelle

Soon you come to the Danube seepage point. But you cannot cycle there. If you want to check whether the Danube really seeps away to reappear in Lake Constance, you have to walk the last few metres. When I was there, there was enough water so that the Danube could continue to flow as a small brook.

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Approx. 5 km after the drainage point you drive through Möhringen.

The Möhringen castle was built around 1300 and was owned by various noble families until it became the town hall in the 19th century on the basis of a contract of inheritance.

After another 5 km you are in Tuttlingen, then in Nendingen and just after that in Stetten. Here you should consider a detour to Mühlheim.

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Danube cycling route