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Its numerous churches and the history shaped by the prince-bishops of Augsburg earned Dillingen the honorary title "Swabian Rome".

Grafik Dillingen

Dillingen Lyceum

A building complex with history:

In 1549 the collegium litterarum, a Catholic high school, was founded here in Dillingen, which was elevated to university status in 1551.

In 1563 the Jesuits moved in and formed a centre of the Counter-Reformation.
The Jesuit order was abolished in 1773 and in the course of secularization the university was transformed into a lyceum with academic rank in 1803.

In 1923 it became a philosophical-theological college, which was incorporated into the University of Augsburg in 1970.

In 1971 the Academy for Teacher Training was established here, which has been called the "Academy for Teacher Training and Personnel Management" since 1996.


In the centre of Dillingen lies the Königstraße.

Here you will find impressive historical buildings that point to Dillingen's great historical past. It is closed in the east by the "Mittlere Tor".

Street cafes

Cozy street cafes invite the visitor to linger

Basilika Peter

The Basilica of St. Peter with its striking tower. Originally a Romanesque (13th century) and later a Gothic church (15th century) stood here. In 1618 the church was largely demolished. Under the direction of the master builder Hans Alberthal, the church was built as a three-nave hall church, which was redesigned in 1643. The foundations of the tower and parts of the south wall are reminiscent of the predecessor churches.

my bike

Here my touring bike leans against the basilica St. Peter.

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