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The path from Schlögener Schlinge to Aschach is one of the most beautiful sections of the Danube cycle path. No road, no railway, only the cycle path and the Danube accompany you. Furthermore, the cycle path has been freshly asphalted, it goes slightly downhill - it runs by itself!

Radweg antlang der Donau

Much too fast this 21 km long trip passes the right bank of the Danube and you are already in Aschach, a city you should visit at your leisure.


The pretty town houses in the historic centre of Aschach date from the Middle Ages, with facades and beautiful courtyards from the Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance periods.

Gruppenfoto vor Aschach Kulisse

In the parish church in the background is the "Danube Cross", which is venerated as curative.

The blue house in the picture is "the trading house" and was built in the 16th century. The yellow house, "the Sonnenwirtshaus" was originally a one-storey building, which was given its present form after the great fire in 1777. The red house behind it is "the new toll house" with a beautiful Renaissance courtyard.

Stefan, Gerhard, Babsi in Aschach

Stefan, Gerhard, Babsi in Aschach

Johannes Nepomuk Statue

Since 2010 the freshly renovated Nepomuk statue at the church shines in brightest white

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