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The ruins of the imposing fortress of Thebes (Hrad Devin) rise from the rocky massif at the confluence of the at the confluence of the Morava and Danube rivers, high above the Morava field. This is where the Danube breakthrough of the Theban Gate begins, formerly Porta Hungarica.

Burg Theben

In the first centuries of our era, an important border station of the Roman Empire was located here, where Rome's legions were stationed as protection for Carnuntum and Vindobona. The castle of Thebes was first mentioned in the annals of Fulda in 864 and at that time consisted of a princely castle with a church and burial place. After the end of the Moravian Empire, Thebes belonged to Hungary from the year 1000 and was inhabited by various Hungarian noble families. In 1809 Napoleon's troops blew up the Devin fortress. Since 1961, Thebes Castle has been a Slovak national monument and open-air museum with many interesting relics from different centuries: there are ground plans of Roman buildings, the ground plan of an early Romanesque church from the 9th century and a number of other ruins of various castle buildings. The view of the confluence of the Danube and Morava rivers and the view of the Danube towards Bratislava is particularly magnificent.

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Theben castle
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Theben castle


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