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The castle of Visegrád was once built by King Béla IV. (Béla=Adalbert) after the devastation of the country by the Tartars around 1250 as the first fortified defense structure in Hungary. Several Hungarian kings resided here.

The castle of Visegrád experienced its heyday under King Matthias I (1458-1490), who had only his summer residence here, but conducted his diplomacy from Visegrád and received foreign state guests here. The area was his hunting ground, a royal ban territory.

Today only a few remains of the once mighty Visegrád Castle are left. Through careful reconstruction work, elements such as roofs have been added back. Of the originally much larger complex, largely only walls and ground plans remain. The large wall around the hill can only be guessed at from afar, as almost nothing remains of it.

From here, the entire Danube Bend can be overlooked.

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