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On the way to Tuggen, about 1 km after the Grynau we meet the Linthbord Chapel. It is picturesquely situated in the plain. The forecourt is surrounded by trees.

Linthbord Chapel

The legend of the Linthbord-Anneli:

Linthbord-Anneli was a young girl from Uznach. She had been lame in both feet since her youth. But she was devoted to God and carried with her the hope that if she could make a pilgrimage to Einsiedeln to the Mother of God, she would be healed. But how to do it? He could not walk, and no one wanted to take care of her. Against the will of his relatives, he secretly crept away from home and crawled down on all fours towards the Linth, in order to carry out the pilgrimage.

The escape from Uznach towards the Linth, the crossing over the same, the appearance of the Savior at the Linthbord and the healing there, as well as the continuation of the pilgrimage to Einsiedeln are depicted in murals in the Linthbord Chapel, which was restored in 1895, and the narrative is attached in the following verses under the eight murals.

Interior view

Frescos left side

Story of the lame Anna, 1580.

My hope is in God alone,
Through his mother's intercession pure,
To Einsiedeln is my desire,
There I hope God will help me.

On all fours to the Linth
With difficulty I crawl; when swiftly
For God's sake a good shipman
At my request I'll cross over.

At this place I saw a man,
All respectable and dressed in white,
Who kindly asks me by the by,
Where my voyage was bound,

The man commands me to stand up,
I could not, though I would.
Thereupon my foot very gently
From the free he brushed through.

Frescos right side

Then offer me your hand and say:
"In God's name be raised up!"
O marvelous, I was at the hour
In a moment straight and healthy.

To God's honor, the man gives me
Admonition and much good teaching,
He also asks how I should start...
My journey with diligence should perform.

When I was barely thirty steps away
Then this man took me in wonder,
As I looked around, I noticed by the hour,
That he then disappeared before me.

I arrive at Einsiedeln,
And there I've told everyone
The miracle that the Lord God
Has shown me to his honor.

The Nepomuk Altar

Altar picture John Nepomuk

The left side altar is dedicated to St. John Nepomuk. The altarpiece depicts his Assumption into Heaven. At the bottom right is depicted the fall of the Prague Bridge.

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