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Chaapel St. James Neuhaus St. James over the entrance

The Chapel of St. James in Neuhaus

It was built on the site of an even older chapel from the Middle Ages. The bells in the small tower bear the date 1599.

In 2018 the chapel was restored.

A statue of St. James stands outside above the entrance door (picture right).

Interior view

Interior view of the Chapel of St. James. On the right wall is John the Baptist, but the left figure is unknown to me.

Statue of St. James

St. Jacob inside the chapel above the entrance door

Statur of St. Vinzenz

Who knows this saint, what does he hold in his hand?

According to the Art Guide to Switzerland, vol. 1, p. 516, it is St. Vincent of Valencia. The two-pronged hook probably represents the instrument of torture with which the poor man was torn apart and then "roasted" on the grate.

pilgrim stamp
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Neuhaus - Galgenen

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