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The Way of St. James stage Neuhaus - Rapperswil I have made several times. That's why there are photos from a spring and a summer hike.

The hike ïm July 2018 began in Neuhaus with a surprise. The Jakobskapelle was scaffolded.

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Chapel St. James Neuhaus
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The statue of St. James is missing
spring view

Spring view shortly after Neuhaus. In the background you can see the Mürtschenstock.


Blossoming fruit trees and snow in the mountains, a picture from the spring hike


Ahead lies the Eschenbach

Way to the main street

Shortly before Eschenbach the Way of St. James leads onto the main road.


Marching in on the main road to Eschenbach

Half-timbered house

In the middle of Eschenbach stands the "Haus zum Sternen". It was built between 1712 and 1714 and, along with the historic Custorhaus, is considered the only half-timbered building in the village with a typical "French" roof truss. The guest room was located on the second floor.

ascent to Eschenbach

After Eschenbach, the Way of St. James leads on the road. It goes uphill. Approx. 100 meters in altitude have to be mastered.

Compostela plate

On the hill we discover this sign on a barn. We don't even want to think that far.

in the wood

Now it goes a bit through the forest.

first view of the lake

After a short swerve to the left and crossing the Eggwald, we see Lake Zurich on the left.


and on the other side the 1115m high Bachtel.

on the moraine

Now the path always leads in the shade through the forest and ends on a terminal moraine.

lake Zuerich

Again, there is a beautiful view of Lake Zurich.


Here we hike straight ahead on the ridge in the direction of Rapperswil.


stacked stones on the wayside

There must be a primal instinct that leads people to pile stones on top of each other. In the past, this probably served to mark the way.

break station

Ideal break station in Untertägernau.

view on Rapperswil

Already Rapperswil with its striking towers lies before us.

Way to the Rapperswiler castle

Way to the Rapperswil Castle

at lake Zuerich

At Lake Zurich