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The Way of St. James meanders between the highway and the sea over small hills. Fortunately, you can't see the highway. The sea here also not yet.

View of the Pico de Europe

View of the Pico de Europe


This is a wonderful place for a pilgrimage.

view of the sea

Once again a view of the sea

Seawater geyser

It blows out of this hole on the beach to the rhythm of the waves.

The Bufones de Arenillas are seawater geysers. They produce water fountains up to 40 m high (Bufón de Santiuste) during strong swells.

A bufón is formed by the pressure of the surf forcing water through natural tubes in the porous limestone.

Rio Puron

The riverbed of the Rio Puron

bridge over the Rio Puron

On this bridge we cross the Rio Puron.

Rio Puron

Rio Puron


We reach the village of Andrin.