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We set off at dawn. It had rained during the night and the streets were wet. Fortunately, the coffee in the main square was already open. From Arzúa, the main road took us from one hill to another. Constantly uphill and downhill. When the road allowed it (gravel), we rode on the Camino. On a hill with a big roundabout we thought - now we see Santiago - but no, there was only the way stone with the inscription 'Santiago'.


Later I realised: this is one of the most photographed path stones!

Kreisel beim Flughafen

The Camino or the asphalted road alternative leads past the airport. In the middle of the roundabout is a modern pilgrim monument. Well - tastes are different.

Plus     Minus


You see stores like this, a hórreo, everywhere here.

Finally we reached Monte do Gozo, the mountain of delights. There we found a huge pilgrims' hostel and hotel. 800 people can be accommodated here. We decided to put up our quarters right here and continued our way into town to the cathedral without luggage.

Monte do Gozo, Pilgerdenkmal

Sorry, but I found this pilgrim monument on Monte do Gozo near the hostel just awful!

Monte Gozo

This one is much nicer. Click to enlarge!