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I was already looking forward to Burgos, because I knew the pictures from the travel descriptions. After a half-day stage, we were there at noon and first looked for the hostel, found it in a park (see picture) and settled in. In the huge dormitories are relatively comfortable bunk beds with pillows close together. A bed is a bed, heart what more do you want!

pilgrim hostel

For sightseeing, the bicycle has once again proven itself. Without luggage you also ride much more relaxed.

In Burgos you will meet the Spanish national hero  El Cid. His equestrian statue is imposing, but his tomb under the large dome in the cathedral is rather modest.

I had a very nice experience in Burgos. I had doubts for a long time whether I was a real pilgrim or just a tourist with a bicycle.

The gearshift on my bike was no longer in order, the smallest gear could not be engaged. So we used our stay in Burgos to visit a bicycle repair shop. After a long search we found them in the 'Del Carmen' - street. With interpretation and a little Spanish I could explain my problem to the Spanish mechanic. He interrupted his work on a child's bike, took it out of the assembly rack and put mine in. Quickly he had found the error - pure adjustment thing. He quickly checked the air pressure and I had the bike back. When I asked what I owed, he asked me if I was going to Santiago. When I answered yes, he said then it would cost nothing. What a wonderful gift for me as a pilgrim!

Arco Santa Maria

Through this beautiful archway, the Arco Santa Maria, you enter Burgos Cathedral. The figure on the top right shows El Cid, the legendary national hero.

Cathedral of Burgos

The west front of the cathedral. It is one of the largest cathedrals in Spain. Construction began in 1221, and the Gothic towers were built in the 15th century. More pictures and info about the  cathedral.

Placa Mayor in Burgos

In the arcades of the Placa Mayor you can find cafes and stores.

For an enlarged view of the Placa Mayor, click on the image!

Monasterio de las Hueglas

Monasterio de las Hueglas

In the vicinity of the hostel is this monastery from the 12th century ...


... with romanesque cloister.

Colegio de San Nicolas

While driving in Burgos along the Río Arlanzón, I noticed this building, the Colegio de San Nicolas (Old School of San Nicolás). It was built between 1537 and 1579 in the Renaissance style by Cardinal Íñigo López de Mendoza y Zúñiga (1489-1535).

Paseo del Espolón

View from the Paseo del Espolón at the Río Arlanzón to the cathedral.

monument El Cid

The national hero of Burgos El Cid. I have dedicated a separate page to him.

Photos: Gerhard Eichinger, Title Photo from Wikipedia