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Logroño is the capital of the Rioja region and lies on its northern border in the valley of the Ebro. The Romans built the first bridge here. The city and bridge were destroyed several times, among others by the Spanish national hero El Cid, whom we will meet in Burgos. At that time (1092) he was fighting on the side of the Moors.

Ebro bridge

The bridge is a successor to the medieval Puente de Piedra (Stone Bridge), which, according to legend, can be traced back to Saint Juan de Ortega. The pilgrim enters the city via it.

Way of St. James sign posts

Just after the bridge, the pilgrims' path leads through Rua Vieja. The information signs are at the beginning of the alley.

Logroño has many beautiful squares, alleys and churches that are waiting to be discovered. Here, striking houses at the end of Avenida de la Paz.

Click on the marked points on the map and on the Ebro Bridge. If you want to visit the churches, click on the church symbols 1,2 and 3! - Does not work on the smartphone, only on the big screen.


map of Logrono

Plaza del Mercando

So here I am again at the Plaza del Mercando in front of the cathedral. The tree where my bike was in June 2004 is in the background.

Photos: Gerhard Eichinger, 2013