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Early in the morning we tried to get breakfast at the pizzeria in Cizur Menor, but everything was firmly closed. We couldn't find any other place. So we set off without breakfast and enjoyed the coolness of the morning.

On the bike to Camparos

In the cool of the morning, on an alternative route (side road) to Camparos. Only there we had a morning meal.
(because of the sun I drive in the opposite direction for the photo)



a gem from the Romanesque period. It has been there since 1170. I was very impressed by the church. Inside the church we were alone at first and enjoyed singing 'Domine Deus'. We didn't notice that other visitors had taken their seats in the back rows of the pews. They listened devoutly and almost gave us a round of applause.

more about Eunate

Shortly afterwards we reached Puente la Reina. This is where the Way of Saint James from the Somport Pass and the Ibaneta Pass meet. At the exit of the town there is a beautiful bridge, the Queen's Bridge. It is a special feeling to cross this bridge, which has stood there for almost 1000 years, built for the pilgrims.

Puente La Reina

The Queen's Bridge, the Queen of Bridges. It is a wonderful feeling to drive over this medieval bridge. It leads over the Arga. Queen Doña Mayor, wife of Sancho III, had it built.

Puente La Reina

The Puenta la Reina from a different perspective; Photo: Ellen Fellow


We ride through the village of Cirauqui. A very similar photo is also in my Stöppel cycle guide.

Sepulcro church in Estella

Estella: At the entrance to the town, the ruins of the Sepulcro Church with its beautiful Gothic portal await us.


Tympanum with the Last Supper

Estella Tympanon and 12 Apostles

Left and right the 12 apostles

Puente de la Cárcel

Puente de la Cárcel over the Rio Egra. It was built in 1873, replacing a Romanesque predecessor.

Square with Renaissance fountain


Romantic square with Renaissance fountain

After Estella, the Way of St. James leads to the monastery of Irache. At the bodegas of the same name, a surprise awaits us in the form of a wine fountain.

Irache wine fountain

Indeed, good red wine flows from this fountain near the monastery of Irache shortly after Estella - free of charge, as much as you want. However, I only tried one (two) sips because of further cycling.

The wine fountain is monitored by a camera.
(the link was last checked in March 2024)

Irache monastery

In the shadow of the archway of the Irache monastery we rest a little.

Irache, vineyards

The path leads through the vineyards of Navarre.

Torres del Rio

The small town of Torres del Rio (the place name means towers on the river, on the Río Linares) has a Romanesque treasure in the centre.

Santo Sepulchro church Torres del Rio
Santo Spelchro Church

In a small square stands the octagonal Santo Sepulcro Church (Holy Sepulchre Church) from the 12th century.

Inside, a fantastic vaulted ceiling impresses:

Viana, main square

Here we are already at our stage destination in Viana. The entrance to the hostel is at the main square near the church (in the archway, centre of the picture).

We received a very warm welcome from the hostel host Bako.

The only but serious drawback to the hostel, there were no beds - just thin mats on the floor. I didn't really sleep.

Pilger at dinner

After the pilgrimage service with blessing we were allowed to visit the wonderful baroque sacristy and admire the antique missals. Afterwards we had a meal together. Hostel father Bako (back left at the table) cooked. The Spanish priest José (on the right in the picture) looks after us and takes part in the dinner.

First course: Salad and cheese-sausage platelets (picture)
Second course: Soup
Dessert: Yoghurt

After dinner, there was an extremely atmospheric evening meditation in the half-dark church.

Photos: Gerhard Eichinger