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In the refuge in Viana, we couldn't sleep without a bed, on a thin mat on the floor. When the other pilgrims started to get restless at around 5 a.m., we got up from the hard camps. After breakfast at the hostel, we set off at around 06:00 - always downhill to Logroño, the capital of the province of Rioja.

Ermita Virgen Cuevas

The pilgrimage route leads in an arc past the Ermita Virgen Cuevas.


The Rio Ebro flows quietly and peacefully and no cars disturb the idyll on an early Sunday morning.

Plaza del Mercado

We are in the centre of the city of Logroño. At the Plaza del Mercado in front of the cathedral, on Sunday at 07:00 in the morning, there is still no one and everything is closed. We drove around the city centre and visited empty streets and squares. The churches are closed. Everything is still quite quiet and there is hardly any traffic. We didn't want to wait for the city to wake up and continue along the Way of St James, which has been upgraded and asphalted with EU money.

All that we missed here I saw in 2013 (on foot) to my great delight.