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Web Cam in O Cebreiro (this link changes again and again, I try to adjust it occasionally - as of January 2022)

Thank God I was already well trained from the previous mountain stages, because this was the endurance test. Even more so in the rain. Lonely and alone went the long arduous ride in the lowest gear uphill.

Ascent in the rain

The clouds are getting darker. Soon the rain gear will be subjected to its first endurance test.

O Cebreiro

In the rain I came quite lonely to the turnoff to the place O Cebreiro, to enter then - oh which surprise - over a parking lot with dozens of tourist buses into the place. The rain turned into pouring rain and tourists armed with umbrellas poured out of the buses. I took refuge in the Romanesque church.

Photography was impossible, so a photo from the Internet.

Sta Maria la Real

In the 9th century mountain church of Santa Maria la Real in O Cebreiro, at 1293 meters above sea level, there is this magnificent 12th century statue of Mary with the Child.

I had a lot of time to admire her.

Since the rain did not want to stop, I still visited the two bars and met already known pilgrims again. Interesting conversations made the time fly by.

Finally, after two hours, the rain let up. Already tourists were walking around again between the pallozas, the thatched round houses. A few more photos of the tourist town of O Cebreiro, then it was time to leave.

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the rain has stopped
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Two more climbs had to be mastered until the highest point, the Poio Pass, was reached.

View from the Alto de San Roque into the "green Gallicia"

Rochus monument

At the Poio Pass stands this pilgrim monument, San Rochus, the Plague Padron.

Bike pilgrims always photograph their bike (a Radselfi). I too have succumbed to this bad habit.

On the descent, a fierce and gusty wind blew against me. Back down in the valley, there was still enough time to visit the town of Tricastella. However, one looks for the three forts in vain. Instead I had an unpleasant encounter with a yapping dog. I, on the wheel, decided to escape and hitchhiked away what the stuff held. The dog behind me. Thank goodness it was slightly downhill and the dog soon gave up. Now he is looking for a new victim.

Benedictine monastery in Samos

On the way to Sarria I visited the Benedictine monastery in Samos.


The stage destination Sarria has been reached.

Private hostel in Sarria

The official hostel was completely full. We found accommodation in this very clean private hostel.

Photos: Gerhard Eichinger
Photo: 'O Cebreiro, mountain church' graphically altered photo from the Internet. Because of rain I have renounced my own photo and found refuge in the church and admired there the Mary from the 12th century.