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This medieval stone bridge is one of the most impressive on the Way of Saint James. It spans the Rio Órbigo in 20 arches and connects the towns of Hospital de Órbigo and Puente de Órbigo. The oldest components date back to the 13th century.

Peunte de Orbigo

On the bridge, a plaque records the events surrounding the knight Suero de Quiñones. He is said to have lived 1409 - 1458 and to have held tournaments on the bridge in 1434, a holy year. He challenged every pilgrim knight. The legends do not agree on whether he merely demanded tolls or wanted to free himself from the captivity of a love.

Puente de Orbigo

For me it was a moving moment to cross this bridge and push the bike. An old man came along and saw me taking pictures. He explained to me in Spanish from where I could take the best photo and showed me the spot. A small staircase led from the bridge to a terrace. He was not satisfied until I also took the photo, watching me from the bridge.

The man, whose name I do not know, showed me then still at the next place a well which has excellent water. It comes from great depth and I filled my water bottle.

And this is how the photo looks from the bridge:

Puente de Orbigo

Photos: Gerhard Eichinger