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Einsiedeln - Interlaken shell symbol
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Benediktinerinnen monastery Au

From Einsiedeln we hike gently uphill along the small river Alp towards Trachslauer Moos, passing the Benedictine monastery Au (picture). The special feature of this monastery is the "eternal worship" during 24 hours a day for over 150 years!

After about 2 hours we reach Alpthal. The church is dedicated to Saint Apollonia, the patron saint of all those suffering from toothache. Worth seeing is the school building from the 19th century with interesting sayings on the outside walls.

school in Alpthal

inscription school house Alpthal

To teach the young, to honor the old
For the protection of the little ones, for the benefit of the big ones
Youth to discipline, age to fruit
The child's diligence, the man's sweat, the age price

the two Mythen

After Alpthal the steep ascent to Haggenegg begins. Very soon we are rewarded by beautiful views. Here are the two Mythen mountains that accompany us on the hike.

meadow gentian

The meadows are covered with colorful flowers, like the meadow gentian.

Soon the pass summit at 1414 m (4639 ft) is reached.

Haggenegg chapel Kreuz in der Haggeneggkapelle

Since St. James' Day 2010, the pilgrims' chapel on the Haggenegg shines in new splendor. For decades the chapel, built in 1700, was left to decay, until three years ago when a few private individuals took the initiative to save the pilgrimage monument.

In the bell tower next to the chapel hangs a bell that bears the inscription: "Ultreïa - The path is the goal - Iter para tutum [Prepare us a safe path] - 2010 a.D.".

The chapel, whose wooden door is adorned by an artistically carved shell, invites you to pause and linger in silence. Only a bronze stele with the weathered stone cross "uf Haggen" decorates the simple room. Exactly on July 25th the sunlight falls on the simple cross in the chapel.

Inside the Haggeneggkapelle there is a pilgrim stamp.


The terrace of the mountain restaurant invites you to a lunch break.


This is the magnificent view from the terrace of the mountain restaurant. We look into the valley basin of Schwyz and Brunnen. You can see the Lauerzersee and the Vierwaldstättersee, as well as the mountains from the Urirotstock to the Rigi. The picture is from May 2005, what does it look like in June? Just move the mouse over the picture!

the Mythen mountains

The two Mythen seen from the Haggenegg

Now the long and partly steep descent to Schwyz begins.

Kollegium Schwyz

The large building complex is the Kollegium Schwyz (cantonal school, grammar school, commercial college)

Town hall Schwyz

The tow hall on the main square in Schwyz. The richly decorated façade shows a mural from the Battle of Moorgarten, 1315.

In Schwyz there is also the Museum of the Bundesbrief with the Bundesbrief of 1291 (Swiss Charters of Confederation)

signpost left


signpost right

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