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On the Way of St James: hiking week, June 2008, from the Brünig Pass to Romont


Here we were just below the top of the pass and were happy that it went slightly downhill. The joy didn't last long, because we had to go uphill again and higher and higher, so that I looked at the map to be on the safe side. Then finally it went downhill, but how. The path was steep, no very steep, down to Brienzwiler.

Afterwards the legs and especially the knees needed a rest.


Finally the path went flat again and we admired the beautiful houses in Brienzwiler.

Pilgerherberge Brienzwiler

Since Easter 2011 there is a pilgrim hostel in Brienzwiler.


Pilgrim stamp Brienzwiler

Pilgergruppe vor Bauernhaus in Brienzwiler

We pilgrims posed in front of a pretty farmhouse.

Am Weg nach Hofstetten

On the way to Hofstetten

Hofstetten bei Brienz

We crossed Hofstetten

After Hofstetten the path splits. Now the pilgrim's path leads over the north side of the lake. However, we wanted to walk on the south side via Giessbach and Iseltwald, so we went straight on instead of turning right.

lake Brienz

Lake Brienz soon came into view.

Info board in Brienz

Since 2009 there has been an information board in front of Brienz, which points out the different routes.

We have chosen the old path on the left shore of the lake via the Giessbach Falls to Iseltwald.

to Brienz

Legende Info board

Brienz Info board

Hotel Giessbach

After the ascent to Hotel Giessbach we enjoyed a feudal rest.

Rast auf der Terrasse des Hotels Giessbach

We enjoyed the well-deserved refreshment with a roaring background. The majestic rushing of the Giessbach has already impressed many visitors before us.

Hinter der Giessbachwasserfall Gerhard unter dem Giessbachfall

Behind the waterfall - we wanted to go through there!


Made it!

Uferweg Brienzersee

We only wanted to hike as far as Iseltwald and then take the boat for the rest of the way to Interlaken. In this case it is advisable to switch to the lower sea route at some point.

Here is a romantic section of the lower lake route to Iseltwald.

Tip 1: Study the boat timetable for Lake Brienz, in the afternoon there are only two connections from Iseltwald to Interlaken at 16:21 and 18:28. Otherwise the bus stays or you can continue on foot.

Giant meringue

Tip 2: The meringue dessert in the restaurant at the boat station


Iseltwald lies picturesquely on a peninsula.

stamer Lötschberg at lake Brienz

For the last leg to Interlaken the ship helped.

It was the steamship "Lötschberg". The paddle steamer was built by the company Escher Wyss + Co. in Zurich in 1914 and renovated in 2000/2001.


Another look back at Iseltwald!

Hotel 'de la paix'

After a visit to the former monastery of Interlaken, Interlaken Monastery we walked to the Hotel de la Paix, which served as a pilgrims' hostel.

Schynige Platte rack railway
Schynige Platte view

How about a trip with the rack railway to Schynige Platte?

signpost to Merlingen, then ship to Spiez

signpostprevious stage

to Mer­lin­gen and further around Lake Thun (signposted way)