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In the morning we leave Moudon.

Moudon, Fountain of Justice

Past the Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen (fountain of justice), the path leads steeply up to the upper town.


A look back at Moudon.

Castle Rochefort, Moudon

Rochefort Castle with the Moses Fountain

Oberstadt von Moudon

Through the alleys of the upper town we go back down to the river.


Here we cross the Broye ...

along the Broye to Bressonnaz

... and walk along the river to Bressonnaz,

old stone bridge over the Carrouge

where we cross the Carrouge on an old stone bridge. We follow the small stream next to the tree-lined bank. It goes steadily uphill.

turkeys farm

We pass a farmstead with hundreds of turkeys.


It continues uphill over fields and a bit through the forest ...

chapel Vucherens

... until we reach the village of Vucherens with its small chapel from 1523.

Pilgrim stamp Vucherens

chapel Vucherens

In April 2011 I will make another pilgrimage here with my parish. The tree is a cherry tree and in April it blooms.

Here another picture,

Vucherens cherry blossoms

that shows the whole beauty.

Mountain range of the Savoy Alps on Lake Geneva

From there we enjoy a unique view not only of the Moléson in Fribourg but also of the Vaud Alps. The Dents du Midi mountain range and the Savoy mountains can also be seen in the distance.


The Way of Saint James passes through Montpreveyres, which we see here. The place name Montpreveyres comes from the old French "Mont des Prêtres". The village used to belong to the bishopric of Lausanne.

However, we continue on forest tracks to Les Cullaves and then on serpentines back to the main route.


The Pilgrim's Way to Santiago leads into the forest (Bois du Grand Jorat). Over some wooden footbridges we come to Pra Roman. (The name is derived from the Latin name pratum romanum - Roman meadow). From there it is only 5 minutes to our accommodation in Chalet à Gobet (on the main road). It is the only quarter for miles around.

Shortly before our stage destination Chalet à Gobet we enjoy this panorama.

Panorama arrow to top
signpost right signpost left

Way of St. James Switzerland
shell sign

Addendum: In April 2011 I went the way via Montpreveyres

chapel La-Cure in Montpreveyres

Through the forest (Bois de la Côte), we walk uphill along a forest road in a southerly direction until we reach a rest area at a forest road junction. After that, a narrow path branches off to the right and leads you steeply down to the Bressonne. Cross the Bressonne and climb steeply up to the La-Cure chapel. The chapel was built in 1438 by monks in the ravine. In 1758, it was rebuilt on its current site. The rectory used to be a pilgrims' hostel. A small road leads you in a few minutes to the village of Montpreveyres, which is on the main road of Lausanne.

chapel La-Cure in Montpreveyres


Glasfenster Kapelle La-Cure Glasfenster Kapelle La-Cure in Montpreveyres

In the otherwise unadorned Protestant chapel, two stained glass windows shine, most probably from the 19th century.

Pilggrim stamp Montpreveyres