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Einsiedeln - Interlaken shell symbol
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On the shore path of Lake Thun we approach Thun ...

Johannes Brahms memorial in Thun

... and walk past a Brahms memorial.

Here in a house that was demolished in 1933, lived and composed in the summers of 1886 - 1888


You have blessed this land since ancient times with your song to new glory

Wehr in Thun

The outflow from Lake Thun into the Aare is regulated by weirs. They are designed as photogenic, flower-decorated pedestrian bridges.

on the bridge to the Mühleplatz in Thun

Here we stand on the bridge to Mühleplatz.

Obere Hauptgasse in Thun

The Obere Hauptgasse with its typical Bernese houses

town hall Thun

The town hall from the 16th century on the town hall square

town hall square Thun

Once again the town hall square. On the left is a gothic house.

Thun Castle

The Thun Castle. Impressive and mighty it is enthroned on the hill above the city. It dates from the 12th century and was built by the Dukes of Zähringen.

Thun and the castle

The castle from a different perspective.

Thun: Weir at Mühleplatz

Once again the weir at the Mühleplatz (mill square). In the background is the town church with its tower from around 1330. The remaining medieval church was demolished in the 18th century and replaced by a new building.