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On Sunday, November 5, 2006, I walked with a group of pilgrims from our parish on this stage. In the morning it was still very fresh, but the sun was already shining down firmly on us and began its warming up work.

Pilgergruppe in Fischenthal

We first went to the Fischenthal church for a short prayer.

The church, dedicated to St. Gallus, was first mentioned in a document in 1275. After many alterations the now reformed church presents itself in the simple baroque style inside.

Actually we wanted to sing a few songs, but the local church choir appeared for rehearsal before the service. So we set out on the (Jacob's) way.

zum weissen Kreuz

This led us along the railroad to Gibswil with the former pilgrim hostel 'Zum weissen Kreuz'.

Pilgrims of the parish Aesch-Birmensdorf-Uitikon



Before the short ascent to the flank of the Bachtel we allowed ourselves a short rest.



typical farmhouse


first view on Lake Zürich
Alp panorama

Above the village of Wald we reached the highest point of the day and enjoyed the magnificent view of the Alps and Lake Zurich. We could already see our stage destination Rapperswil in the distance.


A bench by a tree invited to rest. Here we sang some Taizé songs and let our eyes wander to the snowy mountains.


Soon things went downhill,

House with inscription above the door

past interesting houses

Gerhard on the bridge

and over a pilgrim's footbridge.

Pilgrim self service shop

Here small meals and drinks for pilgrims are offered in self-service mode with 'Kässeli' (money box).



Rapperswil, main square

Soon Jona was reached and the way led us to Rapperswil up to the castle. There we briefly visited the catholic parish church on the castle hill next to the castle. It was founded in 1253 and is dedicated to John the Baptist. After a fire in 1882 it was rebuilt in neo-gothic style.

Via the Rapperswil stairs we descended into the city.

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