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Schriftzug Hotel Restaurant Bregaglia

Our hotel in Promontogno

Hotel Bregaglia im Grünen, Foto von Andrea, 'gemalt' von Gerhard

The "belle epoche" sends its regards. The late classicist complex with tower and angled side wings was built by Giovanni Sottovia in 1876/77. The comfort is also in keeping with the period. The rooms are not heated and only some of them have been equipped with shower carpets. The toilet and bathroom are in the corridor.

Hotel Bregaglia und der Pizzo Badile

The Hotel Bregaglia and the Pizzo Badile

Hotel Bregaglia

The hotel shines in the bright midday sun. Here we are coming back from singing in St Martin's Church in Bondo.

Fassade Hotel Bregagia

The classicist fašade


Balcony door


The core of the hotel is this octagonal atrium with a glass roof.

alte Klingelleiste

In the atrium is this beautiful call system -
unfortunately out of service.

Stiegenhaus Hotel Bregaglia

The stairs keep you fit.

Speisesaal Hotel Bregaglia

Dining room

Ofen aus der belle epoche

The dining room can be heated.

dining room

This small room can be set for up to 22 people

antique radio
antique radio

The piece of furniture in this room is a radio!

Zimmer im Hotel Bregaglia

room 32

What else belongs to the hotel? The chandelier in the foyer


and the ducks. They were part of it for years. What a pity they no longer exist!


Hotel Bregaglia, September 2009

The Hotel Bregaglia in September 2009.
... and a few more pictures from August 2016

In August 2017, the debris and mud avalanche from the Pizzo Cengalo landslide came so close to the hotel that over 200 guests cancelled their bookings at the hotel. "People are afraid to arrive," says hotel owner Adriano Previtali, who decided without further ado to close the hotel immediately for 2017.