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Promontogno, vacation resort in the Bergell valley

The journey by car from Zurich is a bit tedious but beautiful. From the north, the road leads over the Maloja Pass on an extremely winding road into Bergell. Finally, when the road starts to go fast again, the car driver has to pay attention, because otherwise he will drive under Promontogno. The two villages of Promontogno and Bondo are situated close to each other at 823 m above sea level. One feels transported back to another time. The villages were burned down by Spanish soldiers in 1621, but later rebuilt. The houses, most of them very well kept, have stone slabs on the roofs and sun-baked wooden arbors underneath. And, of course, a grotto is not to be missed.

The two places are very popular among mountain lovers, because they serve as starting points to the famous climbing mountains Pizzo Badile, Pizzo Cengalo and the Sciora Group.

Hotel Bregaglia und der Pizzo Badile

We stay at the

when we are there with a small choir for a singing week or long weekend. Since 2015 Vera Ehrensperger leads the former Susi Huber Promontogno days. In the hotel is our rehearsal room with a fantastic view. The cuisine is excellent. Every year we look for the elevator and have not found it yet - but climbing stairs keeps you fit.

In August 2005 we practiced 'Lauda Jerusalem' by Antonio Vivaldi, a magnificent work for a double choir;
in August 2006 the Magnificat by G.B. Pergolesi;
in September 2008, the Te Deum by Haydn (for Maria-Theresia);
in August 2016, various four- and five-part songs including s'wonderful by G. Gershwin and "Wirf dein Anliegen auf den Herrn" by F. Mendelssohn.
In 2017, the program included songs by Brahms and "only you" by V. Clarke.
As a special feature we were tuned in with Qi Gong exercises every morning on the lawn in front of the hotel.

From the hotel you have a beautiful view of


In the center you can see the church of San Martin with Romanesque nave and tower, consecrated in 1250, rebuilt in the 17th century. Inside you can find interesting frescoes from the period 1480-1490. During the singing week we sing there every evening. In September 2008 the church was also our rehearsal place. The choir of 60 people has blown up the confinement of the music room in the Hotel Bregaglia.

Brücke Promontogno Bondo

This bridge over the Bondasca leads from Promontogno to Bondo. It did not survive the landslide in 2017. Now (2020) there is a narrow suspension bridge for pedestrians as a temporary solution.

The Pension Sciora in Promontogno (move the mouse over the picture)

Brücke über die Mera

This photo shows the old bridge over the Mera (river near Promontogno). In the background the mill.

Pizzo Cengalo (3369m) and Pizzo Badile (3320 m)

Pizzo Badile

August 2005: From the terrace of the hotel we look at the Pizzo Cengalo and the Pizzo Badile.

Badile in the evening sun

August 2006: This time with evening sun - but where is the snow?

September 2008: Badile was slightly sugared.

The Badile in August 2016 with cloud and moon

Cengalo and Badile in August 2017 on 12. 8. in the fresh white

Karte des Val Breggaglia


This impressive mountain scenery accompanies us on the hike to the Furä Hut (1904 m).

The picture shows the Bondasca valley with the Sciora group and on the right the Piz Cengalo (3369m) when the world was still intact - before the big landslide in August 2017.

For a better impression (1024 x 768) of the Sciora group click on the picture and enlarge browser window!

View from Furä hut to Soglio

View from Furä hut to Soglio

Vreni-Andrea-Sylvia-Gabi in Soglio

Excursion to Soglio.

From the cemetery in Soglio you have the most beautiful view of the Bondasca valley with the Sciora group, Pizzo Cengalo and Pizzo Badile.


Susan, Vreni and Vera in Chiavenna

Excursion across the nearby border to Italy, to

Susanne, Vreni and Vera Ehrensperger