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The Trapp Family

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The house of the Trapp family is located in Salzburg-Aigen, Traunstrasse 34. It belonged to the missionaries of the precious blood, but was sold in 2008 to become a hotel until 2021.

At the moment (2023), there is no hotel and guided tours are not possible for the moment either.

Vreni arranged a visit in April 2006 and we were warmly welcomed by the missionaries.

Villa Trapp

This is the house where the Trapp family lived. The house seen in the film 'sound of music' is a mixture of different palaces around Salzburg.

Villa Trapp

Baron Trapp on a submarine

Baron Trapp was serving in the Austrian navy. This is an authentic picture of him
(museum of Military History, Vienna)

staircase inside the Villa Trapp

This is the staircase inside the Trapp house.


This piece of furniture is the only leftover from the time, the Trapp family lived here.

Now we are at the Nonnberg Abbey. It was founded between 713 and 715 and is considered to be the oldest nunnery in the world that existed with no interruptions. The founder of the nunnery is Saint Rupert, but he transferred the responsibility to his sister Saint Erentrudis.

It was built in late-gothic style with three naves from 1464 to 1506 after a fire had destroyed a good part of the original building in 1423. Its Romanesque tower in the West dates back to the early 12th century and was decorated with Baroque-like parts and its current rooftop in the 19th century. The church contains a Romanesque crypt with the tomb of St. Erentrudis.

Main entrance to the Nonnberg church above Salzburg

The picture shows the entrance to the church. To the side of the main gate there are statues on octagonal pillars: Emperor Henry II., the Virgin Mary and the founders of the Nonnberg Nunnery St. Rupert and St. Erentrudis.

gothic altar of the Nonnberg church

The altar of the church was built in 1515. It was originally in the parish church of Scheffau near Golling not far south of Salzburg. It was transferred to Nonnberg Nunnery in 1853 and depicts the Virgin Mary flanked by St. Rupert and St. Virgil.

In the apses of the choir you see a pieta that was made between 1415 and 1420.


This pavilion can be found in the garden of the Hellbrunn castle.

The musical and the film became very famous in Japan and in the United States, but was more or less unknown in Austria until 2006. Then the Vienna Volksoper played the musical whith great success.

In their concert in February 2007 "Frauenchor Birmensdorf" (ladies choir of Birmensdorf) performed the title song to 'sound of music'.

listen to 'sound of music'