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My pilgrim colleague Hans and I travelled to Le Puy by train and took up accommodation in the youth hostel (Auberge de Jeunesse, Centre Pierre Cardinal, 9 Rue Jules Vàlles). We left the heavy pilgrim's backpack there and spent a whole day exploring Ley Puy.

Stiegen zur Kathedrale Eingangstor in die Kathedrale

On one of the city's volcanic hills stands the Romanesque cathedral of Le Puy.

Die Kathedrale von oben

The church complex seen from above.

Weltkulturerbe mit dunklen Wolken


Figur im Kreuzgang

The monastery of Le Puy has a unique and beautiful Romanesque cloister. Those who love the Romanesque style will find it to their liking.

some impressions of the romanesque cloister

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Light and shadow
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Place du Plot

The streets and squares of Le Puy are full of life. Like here at Place du Plot with the Bidoir fountain.

Saint-Michel-d'Aiguilhe Saint-Michel-d'Aiguilhe

The small church of Saint-Michel-d'Aiguilhe sits enthroned on this steeply rising volcanic needle. It dates from the 10th century.

Gate of the cathedral of Le Puy
Kathedrale Madonna
cathedral Saint James

At seven o'clock in the morning, the pilgrims' service is held in the Romanesque cathedral of Le Puy. After the blessing of the pilgrims in front of the statue of St. James and a homage to the black Madonna, the pilgrims stream through this huge gate onto the path that first leads down the stairs into the city.

I will never forget this wonderful experience. Receiving the blessing, picking up the backpack and going out through the huge gate. A fantastic start to the pilgrimage.

Tip: It is advisable to make a reservation by telephone at the planned stage location.