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Most of the time the path leads gently uphill, then downhill again. The bright yellow shining broom bushes accompany us.

Path in the gorse

A few kilometres from Grèzes in La Clauze at 1095m altitude, I photographed this tower.

It is an octagonal keep that belonged to a 13th century castle that was demolished in the 19th century. At the top of the tower we can see a crown of pechnoses. The donjon was independent from the castle and access was by a movable bridge. The octagonal shape allowed to avoid the blind spots. I think I saw the rest of the castle in the houses of the hamlet built of granite blocks.

octagonal keep


Domaine du Sauvage

In the distance, the stage destination, the Domaine du Sauvage, becomes visible. The meadows with their splendid flowers and thousands of white daffodils give the landscape a special peaceful charm.

Welcome to paradise, far away from civilisation, away from traffic and mobile networks.

Note 2014: In 2006, the Domaine du Sauvage was not yet directly on the pilgrimage route. To experience the paradisiacal peace, a small diversion was necessary.

Domaine du Sauvage

The hostel is located in a former Templar castle at an altitude of 1292m. Gîte 1 (left part of the building complex) is quite old. In the common room, the huge fireplace is heated by a fixed fireplace.

Gîte 2 (right) has been renovated and is very modern and warm.

Despite the intensive sunshine it was quite cool.

Christoph, Jutta and Henrike

Here we met Christoph, Jutta and Henrike, pilgrims from Germany.

Laundry on a leash

The laundry dries in the sun.

We thought that there was no food in the hostel, so we dragged our provisions in our backpacks until here.

To our surprise, however, we were able to buy food and drinks and prepare them ourselves in the kitchen.

I watched a group of French people eating spaghetti with pleasure. I must have looked very hungry, because one of the French women gave me the remaining spaghetti. It was enough for us and also for a pilgrim coming later. Merci!

Note 2014: in the meantime there is a restaurant there. The menue can be looked up on the internet.