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Conques - Moissac
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Romanesque bridge

Shortly after Conques, a Romanesque bridge - Pont des Roumieux dating from 1410 - crosses the Dourdou.


After the bridge the ascent to the plateau begins. There is a Saint Faith Chapel about halfway up. Many pilgrims ring the bell there to make a sign. In the chapel the Saint Faith with the much too big sword looks down on us a little sad with a questioning look. Is she smiling slightly irritated?

Path branching

After a short climb we reach a high plateau. Here (picture above) the path splits. The main path goes to the right. In 2006 we took the path to the left which leads via Decazeville.

Soon we can enjoy wonderful views.


The official route is a little bit downhill via Noailhac (picture) and from there the Way of the Cross back up to Saint Roch chapel. It is also possible to stay at the same level and simply continue along the road.

chapel San Roche at Noailhac

Noailhac Chapelle Saint-Roch

Decazeville is an industrial town. In the Gîte de étape Les Volets Bleus we were welcomed friendly and could take a shower.

At the aperitif we sat together in a good mood and Serge, the innkeeper, showed us his huge pilgrim pass.

We enjoyed a merry supper.

The night train brought me to Paris to the Gare Austerlitz. From the Gare Lyon I took the TGV back to Zurich.

Only in 2011 we continued!