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By bike and on foot on St James' pilgrimage routes through Germany

On this page I describe the pilgrimage routes I used in Germany.

If you are looking for a complete overview of all pilgrimage routes in Germany, I would like to refer you to the following pages
http://www.jakobus-info.de/jakobuspilger/germany.htm or

A good overview of all the Camino de Santiago routes in Europe, with maps, can be found on the following site
Jakobswege Europa.

Görlitz - Leipzig

Pilgrimage with me on foot from the eastern border in Görlitz to Leipzig

Leipzig - Constance

If you want to follow my bicycle pilgrimage from Leipzig to Constance, click on the Way of St. James sign.

Ulm - Constance

Walk with me from Ulm to Constance.

Speyer - Belfort

Pilgrimage from Speyer through Alsace to Burgundy,

Cologne - Trier

or join me on a pilgrimage from Cologne to Trier on the Via Coloniensis,

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Loßburg - Schutterwald

or join me on a pilgrimage from Lossburg to Schutterwald on the Kinzigtäler Jakobusweg.

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In Germany, there are several St James societies that are responsible for certain sections of the Way. On the route from Leipzig to Constance, I travelled along such sections of the Way of St James.

Via Regia , Ecumenical pilgrimage from Görlitz on the Polish border via Leipzig to Vacha.

from east to west

Görlitz - Leipzig

Leipzig – Merseburg –Freyburg – Naumburg – Eckartsberga - Erfurt - Gotha – Eisenach – Vacha

The Via Regia leads through the town centre of Vacha and continues south through Sünna, Buttlar and Hünfeld to Fulda. The ecumenical pilgrimage route ends in Vacha, but the signposting continues to Bremen in the Rhön. There the Rhön Jacob's Way connects, reaching Fulda and from there leads on to Würzburg.

Rhoen Pilgerweg


Der unterfränkische Jakobsweg from Schweinfurt to Würzburg

In Schweinfurt, the Way of St. James begins at St. Michael's Church and leads via Geldersheim, Egenhausen, Eckartshausen, Stettbach, Schraudenbach, Gänheim, Binsbach, Gramschatz, Güntersleben, Margetshöchheim (Main), Oberzell Monastery to Würzburg.

In the pilgrims' hostel in "Löwenzahn", Gartenstrasse 37, 97422 Schweinfurt, a flyer from the Fränkische Jakobusgesellschaft is available.

Franconian-Swabian Way of St. James

The Franconian-Swabian Way of St. James

Franconian-Swabian Way of St. James

Way of St. James (from Nürnberg via) Ulm and Bad Waldsee to Constance