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Leipzig - Constance (Bicycle) shell symbol
Görlitz - Leipzig (on foot)
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On the road on German pilgrimage routes by bike (1000 km, 621.5 miles)

overview map

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With the train (City Nigth Line) to Leipzig


Leipzig- Freyburg

77.4 km

Freyburg - Erfurt

85.0 km

Erfurt - Gotha - Eisenach

76.5 km

Eisenach - Vacha - Tann

81.4 km

Tann - Fulda

49.4 km

Fulda - Kreuzberg

49.6 km

Kreuzberg - Bad Kissingen - Schweinfurt

78.3 km

Schweinfurt – Würzburg - Ochsenfurt

82.6 km

Ochsenfurt – Rothenburg ob der Tauber

56.3 km

Rothenburg – Crailheim – Wasseralfingen

92.0 km

Wasseralfingen – Ulm

97.8 km

Ulm – Biberach - Bad Waldsee

92.5 km

Bad Waldsee - Weingarten - Ravensburg - Constance

82.0 km

Travel documents

Pilgrimage guide: Der ökumenische Pilgerweg, the ecumenical pilgrimage route through Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. This guide covers the route from Görlitz to Vacha and also includes a pilgrim's passport.

Orders to:
Ökumenischer Pilgerweg e.V.
Goetheplatz 9 B
D-99423 Weimar

Cycle Tour Maps 1:150,000 of the German Bicycle Club e.V.
No. 13, 17, 21, 25. My maps were not up to date, new cycle paths were not marked.

Leaflet: Jakobusweg Fulda-Schweinfurt, route description and accommodation directory
and hiking map "Naturpark Rhön" (Fritsch Verlag) 1:50,000 ". For foot pilgrims to Würzburg there would be another map "das Schweinfurter Land".
The Way of St. James is marked. For me as a cyclist, the map was very helpful, e.g. with the question: How do I get safely back down to Langenleiten from Kreuzberg by bike?
Orders to:
Rhönklub e.V.
Peterstor 7
D-36037 Fulda

Pilgrim's Guide: Der Jakobusweg von Fulda nach Würzburg (The Way of St James from Fulda to Würzburg) by Rudolf Beck, Michael Imhof Verlag, ISBN 3-9355590-95-4

Leaflet: Der Unterfränkische Jakobusweg, The Lower Franconian Way of St. James (Schweinfurth - Würzburg) by the Franconian St. James Society,
available at the (highly recommended) pilgrims' accommodation "Löwenzahn", Gartenstr. 37, D-97422 Schweinfurth (T: 09721-201130).
lies on in the (highly recommended) pilgrim accommodation "Löwenzahn", Gartenstr. 37, D-97422 Schweinfurth (T: 09721-201130)

Pilgrim's Guide: Jakobusweg II (Ulm - Oberdischingen - Äpfingen - Biberach - Steinhausen - Bad Waldsee) by Gerhilde Fleischer, ISBN: 3-7966-0905-8

Pilgrim's Guide: Jakobusweg III (Bad Waldsee Weingarten - Ravensburg - Brochenzell - Markdorf - Meersburg - Konstanz) by Gerhilde Fleischer, ISBN: 3-7966-0798-5

City maps of the larger cities from the German tourist office

Information from the internet:

*) a special thanks to St. James: I must have been under his special protection, because I found the lost camera again - otherwise there would be no photos here.

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