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We set off early in the morning. Since there is breakfast only at 08:30, just without breakfast. It is not so easy to get out of the city. After a couple of stray trips it works out, and along the Unstrut we are on the way to Naumburg. There the Unstrut flows into the Saale. The city is located on a hill that first needs to be climbed.

Naumburg is a charming town with a beautiful marketplace and many old houses. We drive to the Marientor, through which pilgrims enter the city, and thus see the whole city.


The pilgrim enters the city of Naumburg through the Marian Gate (Marientor).

Way into the city

Way from the Marientor to the city

Naumburg market square

At the beautiful main square we sit in a restaurant in the sun and enjoy breakfast.

Visit with me the delightful town and its cathedral!

Naumburg Cathedral

The Way of St. James leads us to the cathedral. The famous, expressive figures in the choir - such as the founding couple Ekkehard and Uta - and the depicted scenes in the rood screen are impressive. More under:

We leave Naumburg and follow the Saale cycle path.

breite Nebenstrasse

Only before Oberreissen do we come across the Jakobsweg again, which turns onto this wide side road here.


In Oberreissen we find a 'Santiago plastic' and a hint where to get the pilgrim's stamp. We get the stamp from a friendly lady and also refill our water supplies.


Oberreissen, Äpfel

Continue along the pilgrimage path, which becomes narrower and narrower and goes over a hill. To the left and right are hundreds of apple trees and thousands of apples lie on the ground. We try some, most of them are sour.

From Butterstedt the pilgrim path is the same as the bike path and it goes from one hamlet to another. When the pilgrim path becomes a gravel road again, we take the road and ride the direct way to Erfurt.

I already know Erfurt well, and I find the shortest way to the Augustinian monastery, where we registered.

Gerhard bei den Augustinern

The reception is like in a hotel and not as I expected in a monastery. Unfortunately, we are also only second category pilgrims and do not get a guest room with shower - because already occupied - but are accommodated in the pilgrim accommodation in the damp basement. There is no shower there, so we have to wash as best we can at the sink.

Here I am standing at the courtyard in front of the guest accommodation. The pilgrims' rooms can be reached in the passage on the left. There a staircase leads to the basement.

Marktstrasse Erfurt

On foot we take a walk through the town (picture: Marktstrasse) and find a nice restaurant where we have dinner in the garden - Sauerbraten and Thuringian dumplings.

Predigerkirche Erfurt, Predigerkirche Innen

Predigerkirche (Preacher's Church)

Back at the pilgrim hostel in the Augustinian monastery, I slip into my sleeping bag and sleep wonderfully.