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We experienced this long stage on a rainy day. It rained all morning. In the afternoon it was overcast. The marking, has always guided us wonderfully, except for a turn-off shortly after Destelberg, where we didn't see a sign and promptly ended up in nowhere. But we saw many deer and some hares.


In the morning we start in Zeillern. Thanks to the good rain equipment the light continuous rain is not disturbing at all. At least it is not so hot. After a short ascent on field paths we reach the Hubertus Chapel. Now we go into the forest.

The hardly recognizable path at the edge of the forest through the wet grass is well marked!

forest edge

Over small hills we reach the village of Edla. Then it goes downhill on the road ...

farm with 'Herzlich Willkommen' sign

... to this farmhouse with a sign saying "Welcome". But this is not for us but for the bridal couple.

After the farm the path turns left to the hamlet Destelberg.

Stan und Oliver as garden gnoms

Stan and Oliver welcome us as garden gnomes!

St. James sign post to Destelberg

Here after Destelberg the world is still in order. The yellow sign (left in the picture) shows the way.


But then at the next fork in the road there is no sign. We have chosen the right way. Whether it was right I can't say in retrospect. The path turns left and then suddenly sharply right downhill and ends in nowhere.

Maybe we should have continued straight ahead in the meadow instead of the right turn?

We chose the cross-country variant and scared up some hares and deer.


Finally we landed at the Brunnmühle and there they were again, the dear Jakobswegschilder - signs for the Way of St. James - (see left at the tree)


From now on again well marked we soon see the mighty church of Wallsee-Sindelburg in the distance.

cock crosses way

After the hamlet of Schweinberg we observe the right of way of this cock. After all he is at home here.

Parish Church of St. John the Baptist in Sindelburg

The parish church of St. John the Baptist in Sindelburg is not directly on the Way of St. James. But we were happy to make this little detour to visit the grave of the Archduchess Valerie.

Sindelburg parish church: high altar

At the main altar a picture of Mary Help of Christians (Mariahilf picture) is displayed. We haven't seen one for a long time.

Sindelburg parish church: right side altar

At the altar of the plague we meet St. Rosalia again. The last time we saw her was at the monastery of Schönbühel. St. Rochus is on the right. The painting of the Kremser Schmidt depicts the transfiguration of St. Sebastian.

Sindelburg parish church: left side altar

In the peasant altar the Kremser Schmidt picture of St. Leonhard is flanked by the statues of St. Isidor and St. Notburga.

tomb Erzherzogin Valerie

Behind the church the favourite daughter of Sisi (Empress Elisabeth of Austria), the Archduchess Valerie is buried.

Valerie and Franz Salvator

In 1895 Marie Valerie and Franz Salvator (photo from Wikipedia) bought Wallsee Castle from the then owner Duke Alfred von Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha and had it completely renovated. On September 4, 1897 the festive entry into the castle took place.

Marie Valerie died in Wallsee in 1924 and was buried here in the crypt.

Now it's not far to the village of Wallsee. Just walk down the road and you will see the town sign.

St. John Nepomuk Statue in Wallsee

This statue of St. John Nepomuk was erected by Count Johann Nikolaus of Saint Julien Wallsee in 1725 in gratitude for the rescue of the family from the floods of the Ybbs following a wagon accident. It stands on the street next to the retirement home.

Shortly after the Nepomuk we meet again the Way of St. James, which leads us straight to the centre.

Franz Josef Memorial in Wallsee

There's a Franz Josef memorial column in the main square ...

town hall in Wallsee

... further ahead, the town hall. Time for a lunch break in one of the inns.

Wallsee, Donauarm

In order to get to St. Pantaleon in the afternoon, we thought of a shortcut. First we walk along the Way of St. James to the Danube ...


....and follow the Altarmweg (way at the old arm of the river Danube) ...

Danube wetlands on the Altarmweg

..., which leads beautifully maintained through the Danube floodplains along the old arm.

Signpost on the Altarm path

At this bridge we continue walking along the Altarmweg and do not go up to Strengberg. Because Strengberg is - as the name says - on a strict mountain.

In a rush we march along the Danube cycle path to the turnoff to Au. The area looks spooky, as the inhabitants were all resettled after the 2002 flood disaster.

Monastery church Erla

Back on the Way of St. James we come to Erla with its beautiful monastery. The church worth seeing was unfortunately closed.

Front, Erla Monastery

We walk past the monastery down to St. Pantaleon.

St. Pantaleon

We cross the stream in front of the church. A Nepomuk must not be missing.

Reliquie St. Pantaleon Altar St. Pantaleon

The interior of the church is decorated just for the patrocinium of St. Pantaleon. Here at the altar stands his relic...

... and here on the right the decorated neo-Gothic high altar. In the middle

... stands St. Pantaleon, one of the fourteen Holy Helpers.

hostel Winklehner, St. Pantaleon

After today's giant stage we are happy to be in good hands at the pilgrims' hostel Gasthof Winklehner.

A culinary tip: try a Mostschober for dessert!