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From Sankt Pantaleon to Enns it is only 7.5 km, so it is a short stage. There is still enough time for an extensive city tour in Enns. Since the route - the southern variant of the Upper Austrian Way of St. James - is not described in the Lindenthal's Guide, I have taken the liberty of providing very precise route directions. The way is well marked. Only at the turn-off from the northern variant is a hint missing, why there are two arrows here. PDF Symbol

We chose the southern variant because it is much shorter and more in keeping with the authentic Way of St. James. Its disadvantage: a lot of asphalt, a lot of built-up area. It should be mentioned that the northern variant has at least as much asphalt. The northern variant leads through the Mauthausen concentration camp. On the occasion of my Danube bicycle tour, a visit to this memorial site has put a damper on my joyful nature. I do not necessarily want to go there again.


From St. Pantaleon it goes on asphalt to Marksee.


At Arthof we cross the main road and pass this farm.

Wiesenweg nach Arthof

Soon the asphalt road ends and becomes a meadow path leading to the Enns power station. We turn right around the power station and cross the Enns canal.


After the Ennskanal bridge before the village of Pyburg is the decisive sign. Here the southern variant branches off. We follow the lower arrow and go straight on.

Mauthausner Bundesstrasse

Here we march along the much frequented Mauthausner Bundesstrasse on the left side until this sign (photo) points to the left.

Jakobsweg nach Enns

A meadow path leads well signposted along the edge of the forest. In the distance you can already see the next shell sign.

Unterführung Westbahn bei Enns

In this underpass we cross under the Bundestrasse 1 and the Westbahn.

Soon we had a beautiful view of Enns, which we are marching towards.


Statue Johannes Nepomuk bei Enns

Johannes Nepomuk welcomes us on the banks of the Enns.

Enns mit Stadtturm

Then we climbed the hill on which the town is situated - the alley through which we come is called Ennsberg - and look at the city tower.

At the main square on the right in the city information desk you will find the first Upper Austrian pilgrim stamp.

Pilgim stamp Enns