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Way of St. James Ansfelden to Wels

It's raining hard. Also the weather forecast leaves no room for a little hope.

The Way of St. James from Ansfelden via Haid leads along asphalt roads through built-up areas to the Traun. Mainly because of the heavy rain we decided to cover this part by bus.
From Ansfelden-Schule we drove to Traun (town square) and then changed to bus 8 to Frindorf (Hörsching). There the north branch of the Jakobsweg comes in.
We had to wait a long time for bus 8 and used the time for a coffee break. But the rain decreased.

Remark: We discovered too late, that there would have been a better conection from Traun-Stadtplatz with bus 10, to go to one stop before Frindorf.

Because I didn't find any maps for the section Ansfelden to over the Traun, I produced some with the help of Google Maps.

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Way of St. James from Ansfelden to the Traun river

cycle path along the Traun

Here we walk on the cycle path along the river Traun. It rains only slightly.

Way of St James along the river Traun

At the first opportunity we go to the dam and stay there until shortly before Wels. At the gravel road it is better to walk, you can see more, but the noise from the neighbouring motorway is disturbing.

Gerhard in rain gear

In rain gear. Sometimes it rains, sometimes not.

Landgasthof Ufermann

At noon we reach the country inn Ufermann. Unfortunately, Monday is a day of rest. The benches are much too wet to sit there ...

Rest at the Mauthäuschen

... and so we sit protected from the rain under the canopy of the nearby former toll house and enjoy our lunch.

The photo with self-timer worked only after some attempts.

fishing chapel

In the afternoon we pass a fishing chapel ...

Hubertus chappel

... and a Hubertus (patron saint of hunting) chapel.

Way of St James along the river Traun

The motorway on the other side of the river has left us and we walk along the quietly flowing Traun to Wels.

Johannes Nepomuk Statue in Wels

We turn into the city and are greeted by a Nepomuk. Johannes Nepomuk