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The short hike from Maria Plain to Salzburg takes just under an hour.


Once again we enjoy the view from the window of our room at Mosshammers am Plainberg (Gasthof Maria Plain).


Then it goes off in the direction of Salzburg. We walk down the calvary hill and then along the road (Plainbergweg).

Salzburg Schild

By the underpass under the highway we reach the city limits of Salzburg.

Nepomuk statue at the Plain Bridge

A statue6nbsp;of John Nepomuk welcomes us on the Plain Bridge over the Alterbach.

am Alterbach

We follow the Alterbach to the Salzach.

Brücke über den Alterbach

This bridge crosses the small river before it flows into the Salzach.

Salzach Kraftwerk

A new power plant is built.


On the banks of the Salzach we continue briskly.

bridges over the Salzach

First bridges can be seen ...


... and soon we are in the old town of Salzburg.