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The Camino de Santiago leads us further upriver along the Traun. Today we have chosen a short stage so that we can participate in the guided tour of the monastery in St. Lambach at 14:00. As a first near goal we want to reach the "power station".

Bahnbrücke über die Traun bei Wels

We leave Wels and walk along the banks of the Traun, first on asphalt ...

Jakobsweg kurz nach Wels

... then on gravel. We are all alone on the road.

Hase am Weg

Or not! Encounter at the Way of St. James!

Zufluss zur Traun

The power plant mentioned in the guide does not want to appear. Here is a tributary of the Traun ...


... which we cross on a bridge.

Kraftwerk Wels

We finally get to the power plant. Time for a short break.

Gasthaus Traunwehr

The local inn (Landhaus Traunwehr) unfortunately has a day off (Mon. and Tue.) So we sit under the canopy.

Gasthaus Traunwehr
Weg durch die Traun Auen

After the power station we walk along this newly created path (as part of a renaturalisation project) through the floodplains. The actual Way of St. James is probably a little further to the left. At the end of the gravel path we have some trouble finding a sign again (we had to go left).

Jakobswegzeichen in der Blumenwiese

What joy, we have the Way of St. James again.

Now the narrow path runs right next to the Traun. The entrance is adventurous (narrow, sloping).

rosa Blüten

These flowers accompany us.

Jakobsweg entlang der Traun

The path is often very narrow, but very beautiful.

Weg entlang der Traun

A long, long walk upstream, always looking for a bridge where we have to turn right.

Brücke über die Traun

Finally there is the bridge and we go up to the main road.


A wayside shrine with a Mariahilf picture invites us to take a break.

Vreni auf der Bank

After the break we walk a bit on the main road through the settlement "Graben" to the railway underpass. In the district of Edt near Lambach we take the Nussbaumerweg on the left and head for a barn. To the right of the barn we walk down to the Traun.

Lindenthalschild vor Lambach

Just before Lambach we discover a Lindenthal sign.

Friedhofskirche Lambach

As described in Lindenthal's book, we approach the cemetery church on the hill. It is the former parish church. It was built before 1200 in late gothic style and later baroque. In front of the church, we swing back to the Traun and walk through the Hofau to the outskirts of Lambach. Over a small bridge we already see the monastery church on the hill. A little later a direct path leads up to the monastery.

But since there is a beautiful Nepomuk at the next bridge over the Traun, I decide to take a small detour.

Stift Lambach

Today's stage goal has been reached. The monastery lies before us and presents itself in the sunshine. Pilgrims are welcome here.

Statue des Johannes Nepomuk in Lambach

At the bridge over the Traun in Lambach a Nepomuk welcomes us.

Johannes Nepomuk

The direct way to the monastery turns off a little before and leads over stairs to the hill.