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Way of St. James in Austria

Ways of St. James Upper Austria

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Vreni on the road

In the morning we leave our quarters in Eisl Hof and walk ...


... to Lengroid.

Here we meet the two pilgrims we met at the Eisl Herberge.

We pilgrimage a piece together.


The Wallersee comes into sight.

church in Pfongau

We reach Pfongau ...

Church in Pfongau, interior view

... and take a look inside the church. Under a Gothic net, there is the neo-Gothic canopy altar with the figure of the church patron, the holy bishop Martin von Tour.

archangel Michael

The baroque archangel Michael with the soul scale, above the relief of the Coronation of the Virgin Mary by Hans Wald­burger from the year 1625.

Coronation of Mary


You can shorten the loop of the St. James' Way marked in green by about half an hour by walking in Pfongau after the church on the side road towards Sighartstein, there turn right past the pond to the bridge over the busy Wiener Strasse. Then you will soon meet the Jakobsweg again.

Map of the Way of St James near Pfongau

(Google Maps)

path to Sighartstein

Here we are on the way to Sighartstein. Soon (in Matzing) the way leads down to the Wallersee.


Under shady trees we walk directly on the shore of the Wallersee.


Near Enzing the path leads away from the Wallersee in a loop up the hill ...

End of the village of Enzing

... and down again on the other side.

Panorama with Wallersee Esterer chapel

The Ester Chapel is hidden between two mighty linden trees.

Esterer chapel

Another look back at the chapel, then we walk on to the lido. There we said goodbye to our companions and stopped at the restaurant Weyringer (Henndorf).

Terrace of the Restaurant Weyringer

We sit comfortably on the terrace above the Wallersee ...

Vreni at lunch

... and enjoy a delicious lunch.

Shore path on Lake Wallersee

Tipp: Right next to the restaurant a small path leads down to the lake (sign: Henndorfer Uferwanderweg)

The narrow path along the shore is much nicer than the officially signposted Way of St. James on the tarred road.

Henndorfer riverside path

The riverside path (Uferwandereg) leads automatically up to the Camino de Santiago in front of the campsite. Here we are at the sign where the two paths meet again.

From now on it goes uphill and the temperature increases.


There are wonderful views of the Salzburg mountains.


Even cows rest.


Eugendorf comes into sight.

Haus Gstöttner, Pilgerunterkunft

Here we are in our pilgrims quarters at Mrs. Gstöttner.

Martinskirche in Eugendorf

From the balcony you have a view of the Eugendorf parish church.

Martinskirche in Eugendorf, interior view

The interior of the Martinskirche is decorated for the First Communion celebration.

Figur auf Wolke knieend

In the middle of the high altar, Mary is enthroned with the baby Jesus standing on her lap, holding the globe in one hand. Between the pairs of columns stand the figures of St. Rupert and St. Martin, who is just sharing his mantle.
At the right side altar a figure kneels on a cloud. Is it St. Nepomuk ?

Too many stars on the halo and the small cross speak rather against it.